Veterinary Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is available for horses, dogs and other animals upon request. 

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist registered with ACPAT Cat A. This means that I have completed 3 years of training to become a human Physiotherapist, worked for a few years to gain experience, and then completed a 2 year PGDip in Veterinary Physiotherapy which I am continuing to gain a full Masters.

Signs that your animal may require Physiotherapy input:

- Changes in behaviour

- Refusing fences 

- Not able to walk as far as normal 

- Veterinary recommendation

- Post-operative rehabilitation

In the initial appointment a full assessment will be carried out including:

- Taking your horse's/dog's medical history

- Speaking about the reason for referral or if there are any changes to their performance/behaviour

- A full observation of your horses/dogs conformation

- Gait assessment

- Palpation to feel for areas of pain/compensation

- Range of movement of joints will be assessed

Treatments available depending upon assessment: 

- Education and Advice

- Soft tissue Massage 

- Trigger point release 

- Joint Mobilisations

- Personalised exercise plans

- Muscle Stimulation (NMES)

- INDIBA Radiofrequency (see separate page for more information)

For maintenance cases Veterinary Physiotherapy can be undertaken without Veterinary Consent, however if there are any areas of concern, Veterinary Consent must be obtained prior to your appointment. This can be discussed upon booking.